What Movie Are You Going To See?
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show the guys just talked about movies hitting the theater this weekend. "Taken 3" Seems to be the hot ticket, because people can not get enough of Liam Neeson beating things up: People, Battle Droids, Nature.
Dan America’s Naughty & Nice List 2014 (NSFW)
Did I mention I do Stand-Up Comedy? This is my equivalent to a end of the year review, however I will be giving my actual end of the year review set tomorrow at Everydays in Albany. This is my more Christmas themed version. Oh and it is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
What is a Monday Noodle?
A Christmas Story is my favorite holiday movie, but, that does not mean that I have some questions and concerns. Like, have you ever listened closely or put the captions on just so you can try and understand what the father is saying when he is wrestling with the furnace and ask yourself &q…
The Nerdy Burden
Last night I saw "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" for my wife's birthday. As soon as we had left the theater, our friends began voicing their complaints and grievances regarding the movie.
Don’t Starve: Console Edition Review
The following notes come from a mysterious journal dropped off on our doorstep one dark and stormy night.

Entry 01: I met a man this evening. He offered me all the science and wonder I could handle. All I had to do was build a machine, and the riches would be mine. I should have known he'd double cro…
Little Kid Reviews Hot Cheetos And Coffee Like A Trucker [VIDEO]
Holy smokes! If this were my kid we'd be having some issues right about now. For starters, If my seven year old knew how to post videos on YouTube, his mother and I would be having some words. Second, if the words coming out of this little kids mouth came out of my son's mouth- I don'…
The Most Pointless Characters in Movie History
There are the characters that you cant get enough of, and then there are the fillers.  The ones that are put into a script to make it 90 pages.  Here is my list of characters that shouldnt have made it past the rough draft.

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