The #1 Reason to Live in the Capital District Is…
We asked and you answered!  We recently did a post on our Q103 Facebook page asking what the best reason to live in the Capital Region was.  We got a wide variety of responses (some negative- I mean come on, have some pride in your region...
Belated Good News Bad News
Good News: This video was posted to our Youtube on Friday so it is not as belated as you think!
Bad News: It only has 7 views so only 7 people know.
Is ‘The Exorcist’ Still Scary?
I decided to kick off October by watching 'The Exorcist' I watched it alone and I was not scared, I was not sure if I have seen it too many times or if I have become desensitized by modern horror movies.
Sleepy Hollow Is Still Fun
I started my Festive Movie & TV Show Marathon early and watched Sleepy Hollow yesterday, I give the movie four out of five stars and the reason why won't shock you.
Real American Video Critic (VIDEO)
All the buzz about Guns & Roses getting back together, made me want to be a part of it, so I started watching some old G & R music videos, and I found that I am still confused about what is going on in the "November Rain" video.
Although the video won a award for "Best Cinemato…
Justice For The Wookie
Early today I mentioned that I only go to the movie theater to see movies that are worth seeing at the theater. Last movie I saw was "The Hobbit: Battle of the 5 armies." I thought that I had nothing to look forward to seeing in the theater for a while. I am a DC comics fan and the future …

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