Enjoying Thanksgiving: Stores Close for the 2017 Holiday
Retail workers rejoice!  It seems that amidst the growing retail madness in recent years, some more stores are actually closing for the Thanksgiving holiday this year.  I caught site of a post by News 10 abc about a number of retailers announcing that they will in fact be closed on Th…
Cashier Ask For Your Zip Code? Don’t Give It To Them!
We've all had it happen, a cashier upon checking out ask for your zip code. Some might think it's part of the transaction and some might think it's to help the company figure out where most people live that shop at said store - Well if thought either of the two, You're Wrong
Kentucky Woman Gets Glued to Toilet Seat at Walmart
I refuse to use public bathrooms. Unless it's an emergency or for a female reason I stay away. I do not want to get crabs that came from someone elses who-ha or just simply sit on a dirty seat that probably has no toilet paper to begin with. Nature called for one Kentucky woman while she was at Walm…
GameStop Tries To Rip Off Customers
Video game retailer GameStop is finding themselves in a bit of trouble today as it has been uncovered that they have been removing coupons from the PC game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, coupons that would allow the buyer to get a second copy of the game for free.