Ozzy DVD Preview [VIDEO]
We reported a couple weeks ago that Ozzy would be doing a special reissue of Blizzard of Ozz this May and along with that a special DVD.  The DVD is an awesome look at Ozzy's career and it's called Thirty Years After The Blizzard.  In this clip Ozzy talks about how his career got…
MSI To Reissue Deluxe Edition Of “Tight” Album
New York-based multi-genre quartet Mindless Self Indulgence are reissuing their 1999 album Tight, which has been out of print since for some time now. The reissue album, to be named Tighter, will debut April 26 through The End Records. It will also be available in vinyl form.
Up Next For Pearl Jam
First it was Ten now what can Pearl Jam fans expect when the Vs/Vitalogy reissue box sets arrive  next month? The reissue of Pearl Jam’s second and third albums, are set for a March 29 release.