Sully Erna Recovering Nicely After Knee Surgery
After a solo acoustic tour, not to mention gigs with Godsmack including Q-Ruption, Sully Erna has finally found time to repair his knee that he injured while playing a sporting event.  He tweeted pictures of his stint in rehab.
Richie Sambora Back To Rehab
According to an exclusive report from Radar Online, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora is checking into rehab for exhaustion and to regain his sobriety.
Charlie Sheens Big Getaway
Man when Charlie Sheen goes on vacation he really knows what to bring. Ex wife? Check.  Porn Star girlfriend?  Check.  An extra woman just for fun?  Check.
Charlie Sheen Headed To Rehab
They tried to make him go to rehab and he said, yes,yes,yes.  After being hospitalized for an apparent hernia, Charlie Sheen has voluntarily checked himself into rehab.
Ted Williams Goes From Homeless to Rehab
It was just a week ago that we were all sharing links to a viral video of a man with the gift of a great voice. That man - Ted Williams - had a huge change in his life and suddenly was on every show from Today to Dr Phil. The last appearance is what has motivated him to seek rehab treatment.