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Watch: People Try Red Bull For First Time
Red Bull is one of those drinks that either you love it or hate it. Many use it bomb drinks.
Can you believe there are people who have never tried it or any energy drink for that matter? Well it's try but Buzz Feed is out to fix that.
These young people are about to try Red Bull for the first tim…
Watch Felix Baumgartner Fall From Space in New Video
It's been over a year since Felix Baumgartner did the unthinkable and made a successful jump from space back to the ground on Earth with Red Bull's Stratos Project.
Many watched in amazement as the event unfolded live on TV.
While the event was happening on TV, we only got to really see Felix's fall v…
Free Falling at The Speed of Sound – Tech Tuesday
Felix Baumgartner is planning to do something no one else ever has- to freefall from the edge of space, open a parachute and land safely on the Earth. But there is one pesky thing in his way- the speed of sound. He will reach the speed of sound on his freefall without an aircraft. He'll just be wear…
Red Bull Flugtag Teams Attempt to Fly in Death-Defying Stunts [VIDEO]
At the 2011 Red Bull Flugtag competition, teams attempted to fly a variety of homemade gliders, including a giant beer stein, a cell phone, a pirate ship, a pink bra and even the DeLorean from ‘Back to the Future.’
It takes a special kind of person to build a contraption that probably won’t fly, then…
The Dangers Of Energy Drinks And Alcohol
From time to time the topic of energy drinks being detrimental comes up. And if they’re dangerous by themselves, then common sense would tell us that they would most certainly be even more risky when mixed with some booze. If you’re curious, then tonight you have an o…
New Energy Drink Risks
There have always been risks that come with energy drinks, but a new study shows that there could be even bigger risks at work.