Jaws on the Big Screen, Piranha, & More on the MCMR
You work hard! Movies are a fun way to have a night out to escape all of your hard work.  But- they're expensive!  So let Q103's Dan and Tatiana waste their money to let you know what's worth seeing.  From in-theater movies, to 'downloadables,' we've got …
Grease Metal! (Video)
Start your week off with one of the most unlikely covers, I've been saying for years that someone should make a metal version of this song and ones like it, finally someone went outside the box and found John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.
Who Is Superman?
They have been talking about doing another Superman movie, one that would restart the franchise like 2005's Batman Begins.  It looks like they are finally moving forward now that they have cast British actor Henry Cavill as the man of steel.