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Girls Gone Wild In Albany Tonight
Photo via Girlsgonewild.com Yeahguy! You read it right, Girls Gone Wild is coming to the Capital Region for one night only.
Well it was nice to dream that they would be in Albany.  The New York State Liquor Authority has cancelled the Girls Gone Wild Appearance tonight.
Kick Off Your Holiday Weekend With Some Live Tunes From Mrozek
Today is an absolutely perfect day to just sit outside and enjoy a couple adult beverages. Oh yeah, and you can listen to me sing and play too. Yeah that’s right… this is a shameless plug for myself. Head on down to R Bar (Pearl St. Albany) when you get out of work and I will …
Friday Night Fun In Albany
It’s been a tough week weather wise, and although there are still some clouds floating around out there with a chance of rain, at least it’s mild out. So, if you’re looking to get out tonight, here are a couple ideas. And one of them could make you fee…
Mrozek Playing At R Bar Tonight
You may be asking yourself “What’s R Bar?” It used to be Envy (Pearl St. Albany), but after St. Patty’s Day they gutted the whole place out and jazzed it up. The have flat screens all over the place and some very pretty ladies that make the…