Beware Of Darkness Talk #QRuption Backstage [VIDEO]
Beware Of Darkness are rocking out today on the Coldcock Herbal Whiskey Showcase Stage at SPAC during Q-Ruption 2013. But before they do that, they met up with us backstage to talk about the band, the show, and a whole lot more. Check out their interview below.
Frank Palangi Makes Albany Proud At #QRuption [PHOTOS]
Frank Palangi, from Albany, won the Battle 4 Q-Ruption to secure his spot on the Zippo Encore Stage at Q-Ruption 2013. After his performance at SPAC, it wasn't hard to see why he deserved to be there. Check out photos of his performance in the gallery below.
Check Out YOUR Photos From #QRuption
Q-Ruption 2013 is finally upon us at SPAC and we want to see the show from your point of view! Just snap some shots and upload them on Instagram with the hashtag #QRuption, and they will show up in the gallery below. It's that simple! We look forward to seeing what kind of creative things you c…
#Qruption – Top 5 Alice In Chains Songs
We're just about two weeks away from this summer's biggest show - #Qruption, Rockstar Energy Drinks' Uproar Tour. The line-up includes one of my all-time favorite bands, Alice In Chains, and in honor of their headlining performance on August 13th; here are my Top 5 favorite songs from…

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