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Best 90’s Movie Ever? [Video]
If you grew up in the 1990's, you know there was some amazing movies to come out that decade. But if someone asked you what were the all-time best, what would you say?
Pulp Fiction – Done In Classic 8-Bit Video Game Style
Can you believe it? Pulp Fiction turns 20 years old this year.
Think about it. Pulp Fiction is a film that took many known actors during their respective career slumps and made them back in to stars while turning Quentin Tarantino into a big deal director. The movie was also adding in 2013 to the Nat…
Quentin Tarantino’s Ten Boldest Moments
Few directors working today offer more surprises per film than Quentin Tarantino, which is why it pays to go into his films knowing as little as possible before hand. But most of Tarantino's surprises are seasoned with a characteristically impressive nerve, which allows him to get away with thi…
Little Kids Reenact ‘Pulp Fiction’ Scene [VIDEO]
This is cute. I believe it would 10x funnier if they actually used the swear words, but I would want my kids going word for word on any scene in Pulp Fiction either. How about the wig and facial hair on the one playing Samuel L. Jackson...