‘Prometheus 2′ Finally Has a Screenwriter
Sometimes when a film is released, the people involved will talk up a sequel regardless if one will actually happen. Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' set up a sequel, and both Scott and star Noomi Rapace suggested that 'Prometheus 2' would happen, but little came of it. Until tod…
‘Prometheus’ Sequel is Quietly Moving Forward
When we last left Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus,' the film had grossed a weak $126 million domestically but a slightly more promising $400 million worldwide. Those numbers didn't suggest that a sequel was going to be coming any time soon, while writer Damon Lindelof announced he wouldn't be involved wi…
‘Prometheus’ Is Ridley Scott’s Sci-Fi Return [VIDEO]
Is it a prequel to Ridley Scott's 1979 classic 'Alien'?  According to Scott, the two share DNA, but other than that he isn't really saying too much.  A brand new trailer for 'Prometheus' debuted over the weekend and it has nerds all over the world buzzing.