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FB&HW Mr. Beer Chug-Off [VIDEO]
It was months in the making, but finally Producer Steve put together his first batch of beer from the Mr. Beer home brew kit.  The guys did a taste test on the air, and over all the beer wasn't all that bad.  So what do you do with the rest of the beer?  Make a couple of the inte…
Producer Joe Runs With The Bulls In Spain [AUDIO]
Producer Joe has gone on a lot of adventures as of late, but this latest one may have been the most dangerous ones yet.  Him, along with Producer Steve and a couple listeners, ran with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain and Joe got a bit too close for comfort with one of the bulls.
FB&HW Mustache Bet Conclusion
Here are photos of the Super Bowl mustache bet.  Now had Zane not shaved his off early he may also of had a sweet looking mustache in these pictures, however he does not.  Instead when you see Zane, you'll see the rest of the guys facial hair glued to his face...