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Producer Joe in Drag in Nashville
On Friday after our live show with 102.9 The Buzz in Nashville, Producer Joe spent an hour and a half in the makeup chair being made into a woman for his latest stunt.
"The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" wanted to send him out on the street dressed as a woman to see how…
Producer Joe’s World Stunt Tour Sneak Peek [VIDEO]
Producer Joe from the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning show is bringing his World Stunt Tour to the Capital Region on Friday. The stunt is called 'Bowling Ball Trivia' and takes place at the Halfmoon Sandwich Shoppe in Clifton Park. Take part in the stunt for a chance to win ticket…
How Did Producer Joe Offend Cee Lo Green? [AUDIO]
The boys from the Free Beer & Hot Wings show were down in Florida this weekend for the Daytona 500, and while there they caught up with Cee Lo Green from 'The Voice'.  Producer Joe proceeded to make the little man very angry.
Producer Joe Gets ‘Squashed’ [VIDEO]
On Friday the show was broadcasting live from Nashville, TN and one of the things on the shows schedule was a visit from internet sensation Massive Mocha. For those of you who don't know of Mocha, she makes a living 'squashing' men. She sits on them for pleasure. Joe on the other hand did not do …
Producer Joe’s Mystery Stunt Revealed [VIDEO]
On Friday Producer Joe had a surprise waiting for him when he came in.  All week long the guys talked about how they had quite to mystery stunt planned for him, so we could only imagine what was in store for Joe.  Once again the Free Beer & Hot Wings show did not disappoint.
Producer Joe’s ‘Human Oat Bucket’ Live From Saratoga [VIDEO]
The Free Beer & Hot Wings show was in town this past weekend and along with doing a live broadcast from the track in Saratoga, they also had Producer Joe do a stunt.  They had a little trouble coming up with a stunt idea , so just screwing around with ideas at dinner on Thursday night I shot out…

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