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Producer Joe’s Mommy and Daddy Challenge (Audio)
Yesterday on the show, we checked out the awkward interaction between a couple of people on a morning news program, when the weather girl inexplicably called the news anchor "Daddy" and then followed it up with "I like calling you Daddy."  Super awkward.
Well, that short clip was …
1 Producer Joe, 2 Bananas, 1 Throat. (Video)
Last Friday, The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show was live in Springfield,IL and Producer Joe put things in his mouth. Bananas, two of them and this is a link to The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show web site, where you can see Producer Joe put things in his mo…
Watch Producer Joe ‘Strawpedoe’ a coke!
Producer Joe of The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show tries what is known as 'Strawpedoeing' and teaches us all a valuable lesson. Producer Joe often laughs at the misfortune of others, in this video it is our turn to laugh at his.

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