Vote Tomorrow For America
Dan America and Q103 want to remind you to vote tomorrow because it's Election Day 2016 and most Americans will be voting tomorrow so you should too.
President Obama’s (Not So) Hot Rod
You remember your first car, right?  Ah, my sweet 1991 Sunbird - equipt with that high-tech AM/FM radio.  I know what it's like saving up $250 to purchase such a beast and thinking "Man, I wish I were rich like, like The President, then I could roll around in a badass mobile like the Presidenti…
President Obama Sings Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ [VIDEO]
I knew that President Obama was a younger guy and not the traditional stuffy old president like we are use to, but who knew he liked to rock out to Lady Gaga?  News to me.  He does a pretty good job with it too.  So when he no doubt leaves the oval office after one term, he might b…

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