What Is America’s Favorite Candy?
When it comes to candy, Americans like a brand name which has been around for a long time. In fact, almost all of the best selling candy bars in the United States were introduced before World War Two.
What Aerosmith Song Are You Most Excited to Hear Tonight? [POLL]
Aerosmith & The Global Warming Tour has arrived in Albany! The stage is being set up at the Albany Times Union Center.   Cheap Trick will open the show at 7:30, followed by close to a two hour set from the bad boys of Boston.   Take our poll and tell us what song are you …
Favorite Green Day Album – Readers Poll
Twenty-five years in to one of the most successful careers in modern rock, Green Day have announced plans for perhaps their most ambitious project yet: a trilogy of albums titled ‘Uno!,’ ‘Dos!’ and ‘Tre!’ that are due to drop one at a…
1 In 5 Americans Are Using Smartphones to Sext
Do you own a smart phone?  Chances are you have used it to sext, send explicit photos or have sexual text conversations on it.  That's nothing out of the ordinary but according to a new survey over 40 percent of Americans that have used Smartphones to sext are older than age 55!

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