Bacon or Oral Sex: Which Could You Live Without? [POLL]
It seems as though the greasy breakfast staple that we've all grown to love, and love and love is as big as ever. There are signs everywhere showing our passion for bacon: 'Keep Calm and Eat Bacon' is just one floating around here. Hello, there's even the Bacon Brothers (I know that's their last nam…
Are Jennifer Love Hewitts Boobs Worth $5 Million? [VIDEO+POLL]
How about that headline? I mean seriously, 'Love' has a lovely rack, but five million: really? I see covered boobs around the office that are far better than Jenny's bags-o-fun, yet those ladies aren't running around telling the world 'hey, my fun bags need ridiculous insura…
Katy Perry Or Stormy Daniels Boobs: Pump Or Dump? [POLL]
It's all about the boobs on this chilly cold Hump Night. Fitting right? They're warm, squishy and greeaatt (like Tony The Tiger). So why not show them loads of love in the 'Pump or Dump' pub. Oh, the deal with the pub? You're hanging out having a few drinks and two very love…
Jayden Jaymes or Jessica Alba: Pump Or Dump? [POLL]
Ohhhhhhhh, the weather outside is frightful! So, let's take ourselves to a magical place! A place where two lovely ladies surprise you with the greatest question of all time: 'Hey you, pick one of us to take home tonight?' Booooom!
Jayden Jaymes or Aria Giovanni:Pump Or Dump? [POLL]
Pump or Dump is fitting for Hump Night, no? Picture this: You're in a bar on a random Wednesday night and out of no where two random beauts appear and present you with a question: 'Which one of us would you take home?' You're like: 'Ummm, thank you thank you thank you.'
The ‘Top 20′ Songs On Q103 – February 2013 [POLL]
We are in the second month of 2013 and so far Five Finger Death Punch have been the big winners, as their hit song "The Pride" took the crown last month. It's a new month and we have an updated list of old and new tunes that need your votes in order to move on to the next roun…
Taylor Momsen or Mariqueen Maandig Reznor: Pump or Dump? [POLL]
This premise of this poll is fairly easy. Picture yourself in a bar/pub having a few drinks. Out of no where, two very lovely ladies approach you and say: 'Hey you, which one of us are you taking home tonight?' At first your put off, thinking: 'How could this be, this has never happen…
Taylor Momsen or Brooklyn Allman: Pump or Dump? [POLL]
Hey, did you catch Halestorm on Kimmel? Holy smokes man, it was sick! Speaking of Halestorm, Lzzy Hale displayed her 'Pump or Dump' crown proudly last night after a huge win over Maria Brink on Monday. My oh my how things change though.
Lzzy Hale or Taylor Momsen: Pump or Dump? [POLL]
So, you're at the bar one night and out of no where last call is called. while soaking that in two random chicks appear out of no where. They approach you and ask you to choose one of them, you know, to take home for the evening. One thing though: these chicks just happen to be Maria Brink and …

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