Would You Rather Be With Eli Manning or Tom Brady [POLL]
Alright ladies, we want to know... the Super Bowl is next weekend.  In the game are two football teams with some very high profile and sexy quarterbacks;  Eli Manning of the New York Giants and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.  So if you could have a one night stand with either …
Snooki from Jersey Shore With or Without Make Up [POLL]
Nicole Polizzi aka 'Snooki' from Jersey Shore tweeted a picture of herself without make up.  Many of her fans took to her tweet with favorable responses. Which then caused us to create a new poll.  Is Snooki better with or without makeup? Vote Now!
Do Snakes Make Good Pets? [POLL]
When you think of snakes, a warm fuzzy loving pet isn't the first thing that comes to mind.   That doesn't stop millions of people from taking them home as pets all the time.  So do they make good pets?
Breastfeeding In Public – Appropriate Or Not? [POLL]
I heard a news story over the weekend where a woman who was "treated poorly" at a Target for breastfeeding her baby in the middle of the store.  They asked her if she would like to go to a private spot, which she replied no and then they asked her to leave.  So right or w…
Vote For Your Favorite Albany Area Rock Concert in 2011
2011 was a great year for the rock music concert fan as over 25 rock shows came thru the Albany area.   There were big shows like Avenged Sevenfold and the Music As A Weapon Tour,  club shows like Alter Bridge and Seether, small intimate shows like Sully Erna and Chris Cornell at the Egg.  Q103 prod…
Did Miley Cryus Get A Boob Job?
After appearing at a CNN event in a cleavage revealing dress, many started to speculate that Miley Cyrus may have gotten a boob job.  Miley says no, but what do you think?
Get $5 Christmas Trees in Vermont
Having a tough time deciding on spending $40 or more on a real Christmas tree or spending $150 or more on a fake tree? The Vermont Green Mountain National Forest is offering cut your own $5 trees. To learn more about this affordable offer and take our poll - do you prefer real or fake trees? Click …

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