What Era Of Aerosmith Is The Best? [POLL]
Through Aerosmith's long career in the the rock world, they have had their ups and downs, break ups and reunions.  During that time they went through various phases, so which Aerosmith era is your favorite?
Easter Cage Match: Cadbury Eggs vs Peeps
Easter is right around the corner, when the Easter Bunny will leave some delicious candy for the good little girls and boys. Now it's time for the Easter candy to get in the ring and fight it out for Easter Candy Supremacy.  Match #1 pits the bunny laying Cadbury Eggs vs the lovable marshm…
Nicki Minaj Or Lady Gaga – Who’s More Annoying? [POLL]
It seems like pop music is just a giant battle of who can be more ridiculous, rather than who can actually provide real talent.  Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga seem to be fighting over who can turn more heads with their ridiculous looks, rather than their ability to sing.

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