Did Pokemon Go Start A Brawl? NSFW
So apparently in the middle of the night this past Saturday officials had thought Pokemon Go to be the premise of a brawl that had started, but was it?
Q103 Is Infested With Pokemon
They thought I was crazy when I first told them but now I have proof that the Q103 studio is infested with Pokemon and the only way to get rid of them is to catch them all!
Pokemon Blog Ban
I wanted to blog about all of the Pokemon that I have found in the Q103 studio, but the Boss Lady told me that I could not.
Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata 1959-2015 (Video)
Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata lost his battle with cancer on Saturday, Satoru Iwata was responsible for giving us the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and much more, but the most important thing he brought to the world was happiness.
Pikachu Goes To Washington
It's possible he wanted discuss more humane pokeballs with the POTUS, but we'll never know, because he didn't have an appointment, and jumping the fence is frowned upon.
A 26-year old Rensselaer man jumped the White House fence on 9/11, and was immediately introduced to the ground by w…

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