The Millennial Phenomenom of ‘Adulting’
I see it everywhere.  You’ve probably seen it. Or heard it. The word ‘adulting.’  On social media, it’s seen as a ‘hashtag’ as #adulting after a phrase or photograph.  What is this phenomenon!  The T…
The Hate File
On this episode of The Generation X Files: Tatiana and I sit down with man behind our custom music Chris Laplante and local film maker Kyle Kleege, to rant, rave and vent about our frustrations in regards to life, the world and other things.
The Generation X Files: A Stand Up Comedian Sits Down
A new episode of ‘The Generation X Files’ Podcast is up!  In this special, Q103’s Tatiana and Dan America sit down with up-and-coming stand-up comedian Josh Fromer.  The group talks comedy in Gen X vs. now, the struggle of stand-up, and a few crazy sto…

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