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Plaxico Burress Becomes a Bookworm
Plaxico Burress is well known for being several things, such as a Super Bowl champion, perhaps you may know him as an ex-con, but would you ever thought Plax would become - an avid reader? Burress recently fessed up to being a bookworm and his reading list may surprise you.
Plaxico Burress Signs With The Jets [VIDEO]
Superbowl XLII hero, Plaxico Burress, is back in the big apple.  However, he won't be playing for the team he won a ring with.  Burress inked a one year, three million seventeen thousand dollar contract with the New York Jets.
Plaxico Burress Out of Jail
Ex- New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was released from prison this morning.  He served two years on a gun charge and says "Today is a beautiful day".  With the NFL in a lockdown, what's next for Plax?