Kit Kat Pizza. It’s Real & Only In Japan
Why certain things exist in the world, we may never know. But we do know that Japan is home to some of the strangest food creations of all-time. Take for example their new Kit Kat Pizza.
Yep, the chocolate bars with wafer you love blended with pizza. Delicious or disgusting?
Pizza: Chicago V.S. New York – Jon Stewart Spells It Out
The Daily Show
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Last night on Comedy Central's the Daily Show Jon Stewart dug into Chicago and more specifically what they call pizza. I am slightly bias on this issue when it comes to the war between Chicago deep dish and New York styl…
12 Examples of Creative Pizza Box Art
Let's imagine you're ordering a pizza online. Before clicking "order," have you ever noticed that small area where you can write comments or additional directions? As far as we're concerned, this feature is highly underused, because this is where pizza box art is bor…

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