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Hockey Player Pulls Own Tooth Out
It takes a certain type of person to play professional hockey. One that is willing to start a fight just to give his team a spark.
The kind of guy that just pulls his own tooth out like he was picking an apple off a tree.
Forget the fact that there is a high-speed collision every 15 seconds or less. H…
Best Hockey Fight This Year
This is hands down the best fight on the ice so far this season. A full on BRAWL between the New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins that started out like any other hockey fight, but things got crazy as it escalated throughout the game.  It resulted in a number of fines and suspensions for b…
Winter Classic Was Postponed
It's the new tradition on New Years Day, NHL Hockey outside at Heinz field.  Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Capitals. Saturday night at 8pm.