We Are Getting Closer To FOOTBALL!!!!!
We are inching closer and closer to another NFL season. Camps are open and going strong, you can get daily updates on your favorite team, and this Sunday we get the Hall of Fame game with the Colts facing off against the Packers. We can pretend for a minute that this is an actual game, but the truth…
C- NFL Week 2 Pre-Analysis
Last night Peyton Manning pulled off a late 4th quarter comeback, and proved that he is not too old yet, and that my Dad should leave the picks up to me in our Pick'em league.
It’s NFL Time: Who’s Your Pick to Win It All?
It is officially our favorite time of the year!!! FOOTBALL!!!! That time where Sunday TV belongs to us, where the trash talking starts, where planning out your snacks, beverage of choice, and comfy pants rule!!
It seems like a long time coming...
Picking a Winning Bracket is Not Science
The madness has hit the Dawes household, it's something the whole family looks forward to every year.  As soon as selection Sunday hits and the seeds are assigned, myself, my wife and two daughters grab copies of brackets hot off the printer and find a quiet room to make our winning picks.…
Winning The Madness Brackets
It's that time of year, all across the nation people are filling out their NCAA basketball brackets in hopes of winning the office pool.  I've done the research and have some tips in filling out a winning bracket.
NFL Wild Card Locks
Sadly, we are nearing the end of football season. Only 4 more weekends of football and then we have nothing for 6 months until the preseason starts again. In addition, there’s the possibility of a lockout. So this may be it for a while, but these next two weeks are supposed to be the…