Facebook Photos Get Stolen, Used For Craigslist Swingers Ad
Another day, another crazy story in Facebook news!  News 10 abc has reported that Tikim Robinson of Gloversville was arrested and charged with harassment and obscenity charges.  The reason?  Well, allegedly he used a couple's Facebook photos to create an account, and posted …
On-Site At Troy on Tap!
It was the 4th annual Troy on Tap Festival, and Q103 was on-site for all of the festivities!  With beautiful weather, Q103's Rock Girl Tatiana and Vinnie hung out at River Street Field in downtown Troy to hang with an amazing crowd from the Capital Region, enjoy the atmosphere, and check o…
The Last 5 Pictures in My Phone Say A Lot About Me
We all live in a digital world. 20 years ago our phones were a status symbol but honestly weren't that unsafe. Now we have to be careful. Everyone has very personal material on their cellulars. Here are the last 5 photos on mine.
Woman Attacks Guy for Flying Drone On Beach [Video]
This guy was just flying his drone on a Connecticut beach, minding his own business. A woman who was on the beach didn't take kindly to that and just assumed that he was some pervert, taking photos and videos of people on the beach.
Instead of confronting the guy in a civil manner, she called 911 thr…

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