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Q103 Rock’n Super Bowl Review (VIDEO)
The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers at Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, and if I had to choose one song to describe the big game, that song would be Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir."
I say "Kashmir" because Super Bowl 50 was an epic tale of two quarterbac…
Who Is Going To Win The Super Bowl?
The NFL's regular season is over, we have our playoff picture, and it is now time to make your Super Bowl predictions! What does the winner get? Pride.
I did not choose the image of Peyton Manning pointing, because I think that the Broncos are going to win the Super Bowl, I picked this image, because…
Rob Lowe’s Peyton Manning Tweets Cause Controversy
When you think of football expert one of the first people that comes to mind is actor Rob Lowe.  Wait, he isn't?  Well apparently he thinks that he is because he told everyone yesterday that Peyton Manning would be officially retiring.
Jets Vs. Texans In Monday Night Football Preseason
I know it’s only preseason, but after a long and rainy Monday, the couch is a great place to be tonight. And even we only see the smallest amount of time from the starters, it’s still fun just to hear the commentators talking football all night.
NFL Lockout
It looks like everyone's biggest fear is coming true.  The NFL plans to announce its plan for a lockout after weeks of negotiating with the Players Association.
NFL Summary Week 13
They call Week 13 in the NFL a mirror week because what happens this week reflects much of what will happen next week.