How Many Dogs Is Too Many Dogs?
If you live in Green Island you may soon have to follow a new rule limiting the number of pets you are allowed to own. It is my understanding that furbiess and pet rocks will not count under this new limitation.
9 Animals Confused By Trampolines
Raise your hand if you love trampolines! We sure do, particularly because they're like an instant way to revisit our inner five-year-old. While trampolines are no doubt fun, they can be hilariously painful, too (see: epic fails). If you think about it, though, the trampoline concept is also str…
Woman Addicted To Eating Cat Hair
"Lisa" recently appeared on TLC's "My Strange Addiction" to talk about her strange addiction of eating her cat's hair. She even grooms her cat with her tongue so she can get the hair - and here you thought you had a strange family.

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