Lose Weight By Peeing Out Your Fat
Fast and easy weight loss has been the hot thing since the year 0001. Even Jesus knew it was important to look good, which explains them chiseled abs of his. However there is a new product called Aqualynx on the market that is as effective as liposuction without the whole suction part.
Subzero Pee In Minnesota NSFW [VIDEO]
After someone shows you how to throw boiling water into the freezing air there is only one logical thing to do next. Clearly, the next step is exactly what these young bros have done and that’s take an icy cold pee icicle on your parents front lawn.
Ryan Lochte Admits to Peeing in the Pool – We have Photo Evidence.
Ryan Lochte, the 2nd greatest Olympic swimmer behind Michael Phelps may also be a douchebag too. His mother said he only has time for one night stands and then on Friday he admitted to Ryan Seacrest that he pee's in the pool before races.  We have some photos of possible evidence.