Assassin’s Creed In Real Life (Video)
It's Assassin's Creed meets Parkour and the crazy thing is that at some points in this video it looks so close to the game, I thought it was the game. So does real life look like a video game or do video games look like real life?
Spider-Man Goes Parkour
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters this weekend and we can't be more excited. Neither can stuntman Ronnie Shalvis who dawned a Spidey suit and hits the streets to show off his Parkour skills.
Parkour In Sandals Across Israel Seems Really Painful
For the record this has nothing to do with Israel or parkour but everything to do with sandals.  My little brother is all about this sport, running and jumping about the Albany area. You'll probably see him this summer jumping and diving all over the Empire State Plaza. But never in sandal…
Parkour Dude Runs Full Upside-Down Loop [VIDEO]
Suck on that, Gravity! This dude has accomplished the one thing in life I have wanted more than anything. Ever since I got my Saga Game gear (blue edition) I have been yearning for something like this. I would play Sonic all day wondering “how in the devil did that little hedgehog run upside-d…
Amazing Parkour POV Video That Will Make You Cringe
Mirror's Edge was video game that came out in 2008 and was a play off of the popular extreme sport/exercise of Parkour. You had to jump from building to building, clearing obstacles along the way while staying away from government surveillance as a message carrier.
While the game's popularity has com…
Video: Super Mario Parkour
So what do the Mario Bros. do when they're not stomping on Goombas or trying to rescue Peach? They're free running!
This cool video shows a couple of parkour guys running around in Mario and Luigi outfits. They're flipping, jumping and climbing off of everything...