Worst Parking Lot in the Capital Region?
I am a parking snob who can not parallel park because I like places with good parking but some in the Capital Region have awful parking lots where I don't have to parallel park and it makes you think: "What were they thinking when they built this place?"
Dear Lake George, Thanks For The Ticket!
Last night was my first visit to Lake George NY, and to be honest with you I look forward to returning. The place was beautiful and alive with fun and I cannot wait to return. However, there is one person in Lake George who made my first visit incredibly special...
Woman Called “Fat” Given Free Parking For Year
Are we becoming too "sensitive" of a nation? If someone calls another person "fat" all hell breaks loose. Last month several girls were referred to as "Fat" on the their receipt from a restaurant, they wanted their meals for free because they were "offended." …

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