Advice for Single Parents: Pop-Tart Pizza Dinners Are Needed
Sometimes, you just have go in, and go in hard. Fruits, veggies and chicken just won't suffice when feeding a 7-year-old. By the way, my 7-year-old will eat veggies, fruit and chicken but I wanted to give him a little treat while he was up last weekend.
Advice for Single Parents: Be Nice to Your Ex
Single dad who lives out of state, two hours away from my mini-me. While the last few years have been tough, my son's mother and I do the best we can to make my little guy's life as pleasant as possible.
Dad’s Epic Message To Boys Who May Date His Daughter [Video]
Some dads make sure to leave a lasting impression upon any boy steps on his doorstep looking for his daughter. There's the old cliches' of 'break her heart, I break you' or being sure to show off the gun collection, etc.
One father took things one step further by creating his own …

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