Just Now: A New Paramore Announcement !
As of about 20 minutes ago, Paramore made a huge but teasing announcement via Instagram and Facebook. A picture of what looks like a young Zac Farro.  The caption: "I'm back -" and tagging Zac's Instagram account, @bodegajonez
What does this mean...
Paramore Unveil New Single, ‘Still Into You,’ at SXSW 2013
Paramore fans were in for a treat at the Warner Sound showcase at SXSW 2013 last night (March 13), when the band unleashed a brand-new tune, ‘Still Into You.’ (Watch the video above.) During the song, singer Hayley Williams prowled the stage with fierce red hair, unstoppable en…
Paramore Rumors Confirmed
Early this week it was leaked on the internet that 2 of the founding members of pop-punk group Paramore were leaving the band.  Yesterday the rest of the band confirmed these rumors.