Watch Drunk People Do Something Stupid (Video)
There is nothing better then seeing drunk people doing something stupid, especially when you are not the drunk person doing something stupid, let this be a reminder to yourself, next time you're drunk don't do something this stupid.
This Man Is (Not) a Nunchuk Master [Video]
Big Boy here is about to take his yellow belt test, so he's brushing up on his mad nunchuck skills.
So, what better way to practice than while doing so in mom's living room with the rest of the family is watching?
This 5 On 1 Fight Seems Fair: ‘World Star’ [VIDEO]
First off, turn the volume all the way down. "World Star" will be screamed over and over and over again. Ugh. Meanwhile, two meatheads are gearing up to scrap shirts off with a bunch of pushing and shoving. Frankly, they probably would have tired out and called it quits. But nooooo…

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