Celebrating The Arquette Family
People have been flipping out about what Patricia Arquette said at the Oscars, but no one is talking about how accomplished the Arquette Family is. How many families can say they have a Oscar winner, a former World Champion and a brother that became a sister. Is there anything the Arquette family ca…
84th Academy Awards Best Picture Nominations
Sunday night is Hollywood's night to shine with the 84th Academy Awards, 8pm on ABC.  Billy Crystal is set to host.  This year, there are a record nine films up for Best Picture, many of them you probably haven't seen or even heard of. However, there is a common thread to the fil…
Trent Reznor Wins Oscar
Growing up listening to music with a lyric of "I want to f--- you like an animal" never made me once thing that the man behind it would win an Oscar. Well, he just did. Congratulations to Trent Reznor (aka Nine Inch Nails) for taking home the Academy Award for the score to The Soci…
Mike Tyson’s Oscar Predictions [Video]
Funny or die has something special on their hands - they sat Leonard Maltin down with Mike Tyson to discuss who and what Tyson thinks will win. As expected Tyson mumbles and stumbles through his predictions while skipping down the path of oblivion. Some of the language is NSFW.
Trent Reznor Gets Oscar Nomination
Trent Reznor and co-composer Atticus Ross have been nominated for Best Original Score for their soundtrack to The Social Network. The duo recently won four Golden Globe awards this month, and now will have eight nominations for the Oscars with their contributions.