The Madness Might Cost You Money
The NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament may cost you some money to watch the games on line this year.  In the past fans could watch every game for free on line, this year it will cost $3.99 to see every game on every platform including online, mobile and tablet.
Online Courses for Elementary and High School Students?
In an effort to accommodate students with varying levels of advancement and in reaction to state budgetary cuts, at least 30 states in the US now let elementary and high school students take all their courses online.
According to Evergreen Education Group, a consulting firm that works with online sch…
Tech Thursday – Pandora Radio Goes Public
Yesterday, one of the Internet's most popular websites, went public on the stock market and joined many other tech and dot coms with a very big net value associated with it. Pandora Radio watched it's stock trade at around $20 at it's height during the day, making it worth $3 Billion …
It’s Cyber Monday
A term that was born in the year 2005 and thanks to the power of media fuel it has caught on in terms of recognition.