Oddest Town Names In The US
You have to flat out understand, 200 years ago when some of these towns were named, people didn't think anything of it. But, ding dong, Texas. Come on!
Holiday Song Of The Day (Video)
Who is Suzy Snowflake?
I think that she is some kind of Witch, that can control the weather, but children love her because she can make it snow, so that there will be school closings, I am not sure, but Suzy Snowflake scares me, and so does this video...
Things not to do in Texas
My whole life I've heard of the odd things that are legal in Texas, Here is a short list to make you know you shouldn't mess with Texas.
Odd Celebrity Endorsements
When you get famous sometimes money talks pretty loudly.  There have definitely been some really strange endorsements from celebrities over the years, but which one is the weirdest?