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Giants’ Coach Coughlin Had Son In World Trade Center On 9/11
We all remember where we were ten years ago, the day the terrible tragedy known as 9/11 took place.  For the New York Giants head coach, Tom Coughlin, he was doing what he does best - coaching.  However, there was no NFL game taking place on that fateful Tuesday. Coughlin was coaching his …
No NFL Comeback For Tiki Barber
The former NY Giants running back was hoping to have a big comeback this year in the NFL, but it looks like nobody wanted him.  Yahoo Sports is reporting that he isn't taking it very well either.
NY Giants Training Camp Moved from Albany to East Rutherford.
With no NFL labor deal in place, the New York have announced that they will not be in Albany this summer for Training Camp.  It's the first time since 1995 the team will not be at SUNY Albany.  The team will be holding training camp at their facilities in East Rutherford New Jersey.
Plaxico Burress Out of Jail
Ex- New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was released from prison this morning.  He served two years on a gun charge and says "Today is a beautiful day".  With the NFL in a lockdown, what's next for Plax?