Northway Exit 11A Proposed?
Apparently a study was done of Exit 11 and 12 that shows adding another exit would solve alot of problems. The problem is cost. Here is how they will get around it.
Georgia To Ban Slow-Poke Left Lane Drivers
We've all then there before, driving down the Northway in the far left lane when we happen upon someone is either going at or below the posted speed limit. Now, we aren't saying we condone speeding but the left lane is meant for those us who want to go faster than the rest of the traffic (and for pa…
Northway Pig Captured – Hogtied
You may have heard that there was a 700 pound pig wandering near Northway Exit 11. You also may have thought that Kirstie Alley was visiting the area. Only the first part is correct. State Police have estimated the weight of the pig and they believe it wandered away from a n…