northern lights

Who Is Saving Abel? [Video]
Saving Abel is a band from Corinth, Mississippi, formed in 2004 by Jared Weeks and Jason Null. The band's name references the biblical story of Cain and Abel.
Hinder To Visit Q103 Studios [Update]
Despite snow being forecast the show must go on.  Hinder will be performing at Northern Lights tomorrow night.  Make sure you have your radio set to Q103 between 3p-4p Tuesday afternoon.
Jam With Buckcherry
Q103 welcomes the Jagermeister Music Tour to Northern Lights February 18th.  Congrats to our grand prize winner who will jam backstage with Buckcherry with a brand guitar and amp!
Hinder Hot Video With Hot Model [Video]
If you havent seen Hinder's video for their new single, 'All American Nightmare' you are missing out!  Q103 presents Hinder with Saving Abel & My Darkest Days to Northern Lights February 1st.  Listen to win your tickets all this week.
Josh Todd Interview
Buckcherry is bringing their Jagermeister  Tour to Northern Lights on Friday Feb 18th. Josh took a few minutes of his day to check in with Q103’s Mrozek to talk about playing in Europe and some of their music!
Solar Storms May Give Us a Light Show
The National Weather Service has been been keeping a watch on our Sun as it starts to move into a phase of increased activity called Solar Max. The sun will throw off more stellar matter and radiation which is what causes the Northern Lights when it hits the magnetic field that surrounds the Earth.
Northern Lights Top 10
Every hour on New Years weekend,  Q103 will be counting down the Top 10 A-Z.  One of the lists are the Top 10 rock shows at Northern Lights in 2010.
Buckcherry Coming To Albany
Buckcherry will rock the 2011 Jägermeister Music Tour through February with HELLYEAH, ALL THAT REMAINS and The Damned Things.