Knicks Continue To Struggle
The New York Knicks are not getting exactly what they hoped for out of the Carmel Anthony trade, but Melo is confident they can turn things around.
How Easily Is Your Mind Controlled? [Video]
This video from New Scientist does an experiment to let you know how easily your mind can be controlled.  I was amazed at the results because I would have never believed in such a thing.  You may be surprised how easily your subconscious can be tricked.
Sublime To Release New Album
Sublime recently signed with a new record label will be putting out a new album this summer.  Well technically its Sublime but the bands name is now called Sublime with Rome.
Zombie Back In Directors Chair
Rob Zombie has been on a bit of a break when it comes to making movies, his last back in 2009.  he has been touring in support of his latest album Hillbilly Deluxe 2 which dropped back in September.  Now, he is ready to make another movie.
Soundgarden In Studio
We told you a few weeks ago that you can expect a live Soundgarden album in March, but now the guys are back in the studio recording a brand new album.
Nerd Notes–2/17/11
Some pretty cool things on the way for comic book dorks across the world this year.  They have cast the part of Wonder Woman for the upcoming TV series adaptation by David E. Kelley and finally a trailer for X-Men: First Class worth getting excited for.

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