Super Mario Brothers Love Song [VIDEO]
I don’t know what it is but I’ll pretty much watch anything that has to do with Mario. I don’t even think I was a huge Mario fan but somehow Mario and all the characters from his games have been a huge part of my life.
Two New Bands: How The World Ends And Not Yet Fallen
Friday night, Dublin's was the home of three local metal bands, who performed for a small group of people and showed them what they were made of. I was there for two of the bands, Not Yet Fallen and How the World Ends, and was very impressed. I can now add two new bands to my large plethor…
A Perfect Circle Is Slowly Working On New Album
American rock quintet A Perfect Circle have been together for 12 years, and have only released three studio albums, with the last one being 2004's Emotive. APC fans are getting quite eager to hear some new stuff and receive news of an upcoming album, but it doesn't seem like they will be getting one…
Orthorexia- The New Eating Disorder
Anorexia, bulemia and now orthorexia? The newly-named disease has been around for awhile, but has never been officially diagnosed, defined or named. However, now that more and more seem to be suffering from the disorder, although they might not realize it, it's getting national attention, …

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