New York Mets

MLB Opening Day Today (Video)
Get ready to start spitting, or drinking, or eating hot dogs while drinking and spitting, because it is Major League Baseball's Opening Day today! My favorite thing about Baseball is the spitting. What's yours?
Better to Not Make The Playoffs At All or Collapse Late?
As a Yankee fan I am usually rooting for my team well into the month of October.  I however know a lot of people who root for teams that are either usually on the cusp of making the playoffs or are just plain terrible and never have a shot.  So as a fan, is it better to have your team not …
Yankee Tickets On Sale
New York Yankee tickets went on sale to us fine folks of the gernal public yesterday!  If you're geared up for baseball season and can't wait to see the men in pin stripes, ol' Monte has your ticket info and the hottest games of the summer...