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New Year’s Resolution (VIDEO)
My New Year's resolution for 2016, is to be more realistic, I am setting the bar pretty low, because I would probably fail if it was not, and I want this year to be a success.
My New Year's resolution could've been to quite drinking and smoking, but when the ball dropped I am pretty su…
How Bad At Exercising Consistently Is New York State?
In the beginning of each year, the number one resolution is to 'lose weight/exercise more.' By February, most who made that resolution have given up on it. New York state is no different as a whole when it comes to exercising.
In fact, we've ranked in the Top 10 states that are bad abo…
Top New Year’s Resolutions
First of the year and that means everyone is making resolutions - eat better, work out more, etc. LA Fitness polled 2,000 about their resolutions for 2013 and some of them are your basic answers, others are little more strange.
Anti-Aging Secrets
With the new year c0mes resolutions that often are related to one's health.  Here are some basic tips for overall health and the fountain of youth!
I'm sure many of us have had great years despite the economy and other factors. And some like me, have had a rough 2010. But the start of a new year gives all of us, no matter who we are, a new start to make things better not only for ourselves and our families, but others we know only in passi…
Popular New Year’s Resolution — Divorce
Most people's New Year's resolution is to lose weight or work harder.  One year, mine was to have more fun.  People are predicting the big one this year will be the big D.
Snowed In
If you live in the capital district, you may be like me:  snowed in!  It's probably the best decision.  With this, I'm starting my New Year's resolution early!