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Creed Look to Make ‘Best Album We’ve Ever Done’
Creed have large expectations for the follow-up to their 2010 comeback album ‘Full Circle,’ and while vocalist Scott Stapp reveals that they are “halfway there,” he also says that they will not quit working until they have their best album to date.
Green Day Working On New Album Footage [VIDEO]
Green Day announced that the band has starting working on a new album.  The album is the follow up to 21st Century Breakdown.   The band is recording video footage of the process and has released a short 1st video.   Watch it now.
New Van Halen Album to be Available on Vinyl
The boys in Van Halen are back with a new single, a new tour and of course a new album.  The record entitled 'A Different Kind Of Truth' will be available everywhere on February 7th. You can purchase a collectors deluxe edition on vinyl, but it will cost you $54.98.
HELLYEAH’s Preview Of Their New Album [VIDEO]
A five-minute video including audio samples from a number of songs off the new HELLYEAH album can be seen after the jump. The video was shot in New York City during an interview with Jason Lekberg of Eleven Seven Music. The new album will be the third for the American metal supergroup, and is s…

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