NBC’s ‘Go On’ Canceled, Irony Fully Achieved
Well, so much for NBC's 2012 lineup. After yesterday putting 'Guys With Kids' and '1600 Penn' in the ground, NBC's Matthew Perry-fronted 'Go On' has officially been given the axe. Irony jokes aside, we had hoped Perry might finally find post-'Friends&apos…
Is Your Favorite TV Show Getting Cancelled?
Every year around this time all the major networks announced which shows they are renewing, cancelling, and ending. This is usually a sad time for a select few who actually watch the shows seeing the ax.
Alec Baldwin to Host Late-Night Talk Show on NBC?
Alec Baldwin's post '30 Rock' future has always proved something of a mystery, with persistent rumors of a political career as the actor continues his run on Broadway's 'Orphans,' but could his own late-night talk show be in the works? Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' promotion will definitely shake up…

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