Possible IED Found At Albany International Airport
Today is the wrong day to be travelling with suspicious things in your luggage. Seriously, delay that flight one more day.
Early this morning at the Albany International Airport, the TSA Bomb Appraisal Officer came across what looked like an Improvised Explosive Device in a passengers luggage...
Got $30 Million? You Can Buy Your Very Own Laser!
Got pesky jets buzzing around your airspace? Well you can pick up a laser for just $30 million to zap them out of the sky. Much like using magnifying glass to burn ants. Concentrated energy causes plane to bust in to flames and crash. We wonder if jets made out of flame resistant material or with a …
F-18 Navy Jet Crashes into Virginia Beach Apartment Complex
A US Navy F-18 slammed into the Mayfair Mews Apartment Complex in Virginia Beach Virginia this afternoon setting several apartments on fire.  The jet crashed moments after taking off, both pilots ejected and there were no injuries on the ground.