Woman Tries To Sell Rare Moon Rock
A woman was recently busted for trying to score 1.7 million dollars from selling a rare moon rock.  Instead of cash, the woman got a heap of trouble when the customer turned out to be a NASA investigator.
Tech Thursday – Mercury Rising: Photos from 1st Rock
Little is known about the surface of the 1st planet in our solar system. One thing we do know, is that when you stand on the day side, the Sun is hot enough to melt lead. That right there is a bad sunburn waiting to happen. But the Messenger spacecraft is now in orbit above Mercury taking photos and…
Weekend Science Report
Some interesting things are popping up in the field of Science including the fact that they may have actually found alien life in a meteorite and the discovery of some really old fishing gear.
No Deep Impact Armageddon
You can relax now.  NASA has largely dismissed a Russian report that an asteroid larger than two football fields could hit Earth by 2036.
Where Were You Moments
January 28th marks 25 years that seven astronauts died aboard the space shuttle Challenger when it exploded minutes after take off.  Where were you?
Scientists To Probe Uranus
You read that right. Scientists are planning to visit Uranus and drop a probe through the planet's atmosphere. We can't take full credit for this headline though, a very well respected publication came up with it.