Crater From World’s Third Largest Asteroid Found In Australia
After witnessing some of the damage that a dinner table-sized meteor did last week after crashing into central Russia, imagine the magnitude of destruction that would have occurred if that flaming rock was the length of 18 football fields. Now stop imagining, because scientists say it happened.
Watch Asteroid Pass Earth Live [LIVE STREAM]
NASA has set up a live web stream using several telescopes from all over the world to observe asteroid 2012 DA14 - which is not going to hit Earth. This is the closest to Earth that an object of this size will pass since we've been observing space in modern times. The asteroid wi…
Check Out an Amazing Panoramic Photo of Mars
The internet has been having a lot of fun with the Mars Curiosity Rover landing. There were a whole bunch of memes. And, of course, there’s mohawk guy Bobak Ferdowsi, who’s successfully bridged the gap between geek and punk.
But the real fun is going to begin when…
Proof that Man Walked on the Moon [PHOTOS]
Many think that it was a conspiracy that humans walked on the moon.  Some claim it was all a setup in a warehouse to help drive national pride.  Thanks to modern technology there is now proof that man walked on the moon, from high definition photos taken by NASA's new Lunar Reconnaiss…
Asteroid 2005 YU55 Is Hurling Towards Earth
Will today be Armageddon?  Were the Mayans off by one year?  Did Harold Camping miscalculate doomsday?  Will Bruce Willis need to come to the rescue? Today around 6:28 EST a space rock the size of an aircraft carrier traveling at 30,000 mph will travel between the Earth and the Moon.
American Satellite Will Fall to Earth Today [VIDEO]
An American Satellite has been tumbling since its mission ended in 2005.  NASA’s 6.5 ton Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, or UARS,  is most likely to re-renter Earth's atmosphere and crash apart this Afternoon. Where will it crash land?

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