Shopping in the Nude Gets $350 in Groceries [VIDEO]
Leave up to those crazy Germans & Danish to put on a grand opening promotion like this.   The first 100 shoppers to  shop naked will get $350 in groceries.  There was an overwhelming response.  More than 250 naked folks showed up.  Yep only in Europe.  Unfo…
Nude Beaches Sexy or Wrong? [POLL]
Now that summer has unofficially started, what are your thoughts on nude beaches? Imagine heading to the shore when your favorite beach spot has been roped off for nudists? Do you join them or get disgusted and find a new place to place to bathe?
What Does A Man Have To Do To Get Anonymous Sex?
In Ramsey Minnesota, if a man is searching for anonymous sex, forget Craigslist do as Alan Petrusson did;  tie yourself spread eagle and naked to a tree in a public park.   He wound up barking up the wrong tree.
Naked Woman Looking For Wood at Curtis Lumber in Ballston Spa
Tuesday afternoon in Ballston Spa was quite the spectacle as a woman walked into Curtis Lumber and Stewarts with something missing; her clothes!
At both locations, the naked shopper walked in asked a simple question and then left. She was picked up later by police wearing her clothes. Lucky for us t…

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